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  • Affordable and portable $299 for 16 piece that fits in a yoga mat bag
  • Pre-Hab "Pilates on steroids" that enhances athletic performance
  • Pilates Strap training creates more strength, endurance, and power, than traditional Pilates

Benefits Of The Pilates Strap

Upper Body

Pilates Strap Method creates a tight, fir, long and lean machine! Read More

Glute Hamstring


Maybe you have just plateaued, and you need a good core overhaul! Read More

Cardio & Endurance

Life is an endurance sport quite frankly. Read More


Dynamic stretches and mobility during movements are key in the PSM. Read More

Better Form

Alignment comes so that the body can moves efficiently and be effective. Read More

Try the Pilates Strap
Fitness Method

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