Benefits Of The Pilates Strap System (PSS)

Upper Body

Better upper body composition helps you turn and burn! Whether you play rotational sports, like tennis and pickle ball, or pull 360’s on two wheels or a snowboard, you do not want to skip your arms, chest, and back. Having good neck posture, with solid shoulder and back support, is key to having a strong and functional body. The push/pull/rotation exercises in the PSS produces benefits for many sports. Results are longer muscle fibers than traditional weights, without the bulk.

Glutes & Legs

Keep it TIGHT and RIGHT! Your back will love you for it. The PSS goes to work on the posterior chain which can be deconditioned if you sit all day. Strong hamstrings and glutes are key players in jump, run, and ride mechanics. There are many options in the PSS to support hip extension, eccentric and concentric hamstring work, glute isolations, as well as killer inner thighs. The unique strength and stretch you get from doing the traditional Pilates frog exercises and leg circles might just get you hooked!


Maybe you have plateaued and are in need of a good core overhaul. Perhaps you need to mix it up with deeper exercises that give you some fresh challenges. The core needs to be worked hard, but learning to use your POWER HOUSE as a POWER SOURCE can take some skill and practice. Often, the deep stabilizers need a wakeup call to get on board. This is a must to protect your back with the added bonus of having ripped, toned, and svelte abdominals.

Cardio & Endurance

Life is an endurance sport quite frankly. This type of cardio can greatly benefit weight -loss and can be modified to go at your own pace. Endurance is “secret sauce” for life. You can be at any age or size and increase your endurance. Once again, this can =more fun and adventure for you contributing to running further, shredding that first run on your skis with ease, or having the energy to just chase down your dreams!


Dynamic stretches and mobility during movements are key in the PSS. Being able to move without restriction, creates optimal performance, and can help reduce pain and contribute to better posture. The famous Pilates leg circles, hip, and hamstring stretches feel great for most of us. Too bendy flexy?  PSS can shore up overly flexible people with stability and strength. The PSS system can be amazing for avid yoga practitioners needing joint stability.

Better Form

Alignment helps the body move more efficiently and with less pain! Efficient, smart movement requires correct activation from the inside out. Pilates techniques are universally used with most sports and pain reduction programs. Training smart means training in good form with deep core stability. Strengthening in a lengthened position, in combination with, time under tension, can be effective in preventing injuries and creates a sexy body to boot!