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Is this workout for beginners?

No, the spring tension in the intermediate set is designed for athletes and people with a fitness base and might be too great a challenge for someone just starting out on their fitness journey. The beginner set will be coming soon!

Is this workout considered rehab?

This workout is considered  prehab (exercise that can help prevent injuries,address strength, stability, range of motion, balance, and overall joint function) and post rehab (return to sport and exercise once foundational corrective exercise, treatment has been completed, and clearance given.)

How will this method translate and help in sports performance?

Sports performance training can be broad and specific but you don’t want a narrow approach. Some of the essential cross the board aspects of sports performance training include the skillsets of balance, form, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and stability to create a foundation for solid strength and power. These are essential elements in the Pilates Strap Method  developed by X-pro and lifetime athlete with over 20 years of personal training, pilates, yoga, and corrective exercise R&D.

How to make an exercise easier or harder?

To add load or resistance, move away from the strap. To make it easier, move closer to the strap. You may make adjustments as needed

Will I lose weight and does this method equate to LH (LIFTING HEAVY)?

We all know how much our habits and lifestyle contributes to a successful weight loss program. DRUM ROLL… The Pilates Strap Method has all of the components needed to contribute to healthy weight loss`and muscle building without LH.
Actually… springs are very unique in the way that extra load is at the end range so springs get progressively heavier! This forces, not only the abs to turn on, but it lights up the connective tissue to stabilize and anchor your joints. This in turn makes them stronger.  T.U.T stands for “time under tension”  and is not for people who think faster and more is better. Better is better and slower can promote deeper strength and muscle growth.

Think about it…

By increasing the total  time that your muscles are under stress during an exercise and adding load and high intensity, don’t you think this will feel like they are LH? It  requires a slightly different mindset to hold exercises for 1k-2k ( 1 one thousand 2 one thousand) at the end range when you really want to let go, but this is where the magic happens! You will build muscle and stoke your metabolism while staying  lower in impact than many forms of weight training.

Please train to your own limits! STOP if you feel a movement is not right for you or YOUR BODY.

The videos, exercise examples, sets, load, and timing are only suggestions. Be creative and find what works best for you (You may decide to REPEAT a video short 2-3X or shorten a set to fit your needs. Explore at your own pace but keep in mind that a slower exploration can build deeper connections with your body and give your mind and muscles time to activate, help with injury prevention, and change your stability and strengthen a whole new way.