Muscle Focus: Core, Lower Back, Triceps, Lats
Position: Kneel hip width apart with one hand on floor under shoulder. Extend one leg straight back. With the opposite hand, hold the handle with a straight arm.
Spring Attachment: Low
• Neutral spine with core pulled in to protect low back. Watch for both a sway back as well as an over flexed or rounded back. Imagine a foam roller balancing on the back of the head and tailbone.
• As you exhale, move both left leg straight back hip height and right arm back in line with torso at the same time
• Send both the leg and arm in the opposite direction out to the side and then back to starting position
• Repeat as desired
• Try keeping aligned with side of the body, not below
• Core must support the movement to prevent low back or shoulder from helping
Release back to starting position and repeat on other side