Peter Pan (intermediate)

Muscle Focus: Adductor stretch and hip stability/mobility
Position: Lay on back with both legs extended toward 45 degrees, feet in straps, in turn out position, and heels squeeze together. If doing Peter Pan for the first time, move slowly and keep the knee bend minimal. If the challenge is too great or feels complicated, reach out or join a live class for additional instruction. Arms extend straight by the hips and hands flat (option: head on pillow).
Spring attachment: 6-8 Inches Above Head
• Inhale and bend one leg wide open towards the floor with heel staying directly under knees
• At the same time, the opposite leg moves externally (turned out) straight and to the side
• Both legs then return to center in a turn out to change directions
• Keep pelvis neutral and still without rocking with the movement
• Stabilize by pulling abdominals in firmly throughout
• Reach feet into straps, lengthen legs from hips, and keep muscles firm
• Repeat this motion 10-15x
Return to start and repeat as desired