Squat Squeeze

Superman In Sumo

Squat Push Press


Hinge Pike

Open Close Kneeling


Superman Kneeling

Double Tricep Kneeling F.A.

Kneeling Arm Circle

Bridge With Ring

Chest Lift In Table Top

Chest Lift-W-Circle

Chest Lift-W-Med Ball

Chest Lift-W-Extension

Teeter Totter

T Arms

Off Set

Nut Cracker

Side Oblique


Bend & Press Parallel

Bend & Press Turn Out

Lift Lower

Leg Circles

Peter Pan

Wide Leg Stretch

Adductor Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Hamstring Leg Curl

Hamstring Leg Curl Pulse

Side Bend

Squat Stand Side Bend

High Low Wood Chop

Wood Chop

Squat Stand Chop

Low To High Wood Chop

AB Duction Kneeling

External Rotation Kneeling