The videos, exercise examples,sets,loads,and timing are only suggestions. Be creative and find what works best for you (You may decide to REPEAT a video short 2-3X or shorten a set to fit your needs. Explore at your own pace but keep in mind that a slower exploration can build deeper connections with your body. Starting slower can also give your mind and muscles time to activate, help with injury prevention, change your stability, and strengthen in a whole new way!

• Time-Under-Tension T.U.T (Hold the end range an additional 1-2 seconds)

• Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth

• Breathe OUT with the load or challenge
(Example: Breathe out (EXHALE) when rowing arms back and breathe in (INHALE) on the release forward)

• Squeeze the muscles you are targeting to create a deeper activation and more stability.
“Meet the work half way”

• Tighten your supportive muscles that are not moving to support and stabilize the moving parts

• Work efficiently with form first being the #1 focus

• Pull in your deep core (TVA transverse abdominis) and up with your pelvic floor. Combine these together with your exhale breath for the deepest support.

• To add load or resistance, move away from the strap. To make it easier, move closer to the strap. You may make adjustments as needed

• Please train to your own limits!

• STOP if you feel a movement is not right for you or your body.
(TRANSLATION: STOP and DISCONTINUE if you feel pain)